It began roaming through the vintage markets, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, Paris’s most famous flea market. Fossicking through vintage bridal lace, delicately coloured sepia-vanilla with age and wear, and racks of floating, layered gauze nightgowns, perhaps once worn floating down Parisian stairwells, candelabra alight. Alongside the fashion, antiques and bric a brac the likes we’ve never seen ~ paintings with ornate frames stacked up against each other, little tea sets, old cameras. Often there were painters with their easels and palettes, inviting us to watch them create, surrounded by infinite inspiration. 

It was here Bohème began to appear on our canvas, what once was carte blanche, was beginning to fill with an idea. The effortlessly chic Parisian woman was all around us ~ but we were drawn back to the un-doneness and nonchalant style of the bohemian movement of 19th Century Paris. The dreams of those who had broken away from a ‘normal’ to pursue a creative life of freedom, beauty, truth and love seemed to be calling to us from Les Puces, ‘the Fleas’. Bohème would be our next collection ~ and she would be an artist.

Our prints are a weave of nostalgic motifs in a beautiful dance of repetition and variegated size. Smokey pinks, honeyed amber, purples and midnight blues work with soft silhouette volumes with artfully placed gathers and quilting. 

Our namesake print story, Bohème, reimagines bold bohemia with opulence and allure, reminiscent of resplendent peacock plumage and is an exploration of feminine insouciance and an enviable laissez faire attitude… 

The campaign, shot in the South of France, brought us to a small town near Provence. It was a happy coincidence that it was also the home of one of our all time muses Erin Wasson. You may remember Erin from our Sunset Road campaign {view it here} ~ she embodies a je ne sais quoi, a quality that is part rockstar and part artist muse. 

Styled throughout are our delicately hand-beaded necklaces, crafted by artisans in India, through Fair Trade certified organisation SETU, an ongoing partnership we are proud to continue. SETU bridges the gap and provides artisans with the necessary resources and training to share their traditional art whilst making a fair income. Stack, layer or wear them long ~ we can’t wait to see how you pair back these pieces.

Photography Jamie Green 
Photography Assist Andrew Hobbs 
Styling Assist Lisa Danielle
Creative Direction Catherine Thorbecke